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A Waterfall Guide to Letchworth State Park

Ensminger, Scott A. and Bassett, Douglas K. (author)

The Glen Iris Inn, 1991
Edition 2
Format Paperback
Print Style Black and White
Book Type Guidebook
Page Count 66
In Print? No
Picture quality (1)
Picture Quantity (4)
Accuracy of Content (5)
Thoroughness of Content (5)
Production Value (2)

Reviewed by Dean Goss

For reference purposes, this book doesn't have an ISBN number, but its Library of Congress Car Catalog Number is: 96-76151

Scott Ensminger is the founder of the Western New York Waterfall Survey. As such, his data is very exacting and his books reflect this. The information, while limited in scope (the waterfalls of Letchworth State Park) is absolutely thorough. This is one of the early books in the recent wave of waterfall guidebooks. Kudos to Scott for using recycled paper and soy based ink.

The book details 3 well known and 21 lesser known waterfalls within Letchworth State Park. The photos are very grainy half tone dither black and white photos that seem to be rendered on an old dot matrix printer. To be fair, this book is pure home cooking. The information for each waterfall includes height and crest width, and the maps, while crude, are completely accurate.

The Bottom Line: If you plan a visit to Letchworth State Park in New York, this book (if you can find a copy...) will enable you to visit far more waterfalls than the big 3 everybody else will see.

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