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The World Waterfall Database was created as a long-term project seeking to create the most comprehensive, complete record of waterfalls found throughout the world.

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Waterfalls of Switzerland

April 15, 2018

Preceding what we hope will be an absolutely gargantuan dump of data later this year, we've managed to finish vetting and editing our dataset for Switzerland, and have just added another 409 entries to the database for that country, which our current total to 415 Waterfalls recorded in Switzerland. Switzerland is home to many of Europe's most impressive and noteworthy waterfalls, thanks to the extreme topography and glaciation provided by the Alps. Thus far we have recorded and confirmed at least 25 waterfalls with a height of over 300 meters - which includes 840 meter tall Mattenbachfälle, which is currently cracking the world's ten tallest list (time will tell if it remains there or gets knocked down a few spots). It is a near certainty that this addition of data to the site is not all-inclusive of the actual number of waterfalls to be found in Switzerland, but it's the extend of what we had thus far compiled and should serve as a pretty good start.

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