World Waterfall Database
Book Review

100 Utah Waterfalls

Wunder, Dick (author)

Arch Hunter Books, 1999
Edition 1
Format Paperback
Print Style Partial Color
Book Type Guidebook
Page Count 144
ISBN 978-1891858086
In Print? Yes
Picture quality (2)
Picture Quantity (5)
Accuracy of Content (4)
Thoroughness of Content (5)
Production Value (2)

Reviewed by Dean Goss

Of the 100 waterfalls listed in the book, the average waterfall viewer will have a few suggested disqualifications. I realize Utah has a general paucity of falling water, and in an arid region, anything that drips from time to time might be construed as a waterfall. Some of the "falls" I'd suggest cutting are nothing more than springs that spread out over a short rocky talus slope. The World Waterfall Database tends to have a rather broad and inclusive view of what does and doesn't constitute a waterfall. Some of these aren't.

Dick Wunder has obviously spent a lot of time searching for falling water. Utah DOES have some good waterfalls, Lower Calf Creek, Stewart, Waterfall Canyon, Bridal Veil, and and Emerald Pool Falls come immediately to mind. I'd be hard pressed to keep 70 waterfalls in this book. Still, it DOES offer a thorough look at Utah's falling waters. There are a great deal of photos, including 32 full color shots contained in the plates in the center of the book. They aren't particularly well shot however. The author would do well to take a few of the photographic tips from many of the other books.

The Bottom Line: If you are like me, and plan vacations around chasing waterfalls, Utah isn't a prime destination. Better than Delaware, better than North Dakota, better than Florida... I have the book because I collect waterfallia. If you are a resident of Utah, this is a good book to have, but I can't recommend it for the casual armchair traveler.

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