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The World Waterfall Database was created as a long-term project seeking to create the most comprehensive, complete record of waterfalls found throughout the world.

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Our New Home and Look

March 19, 2017

Though we had planned on doing an extensive overhaul of the World Waterfall Database in the not-too-distant future, our time table was moved up somewhat unexpectedly due to the sooner-than-expected expiration of our account at our previous server. So, obviously things look a bit different around here, and chances are there are going to be some glitches and bugs to work out of the system following the move and spitshine that we gave the website.

Now that we've moved over to our new digital home, our database is once again unified and we will continue to work toward our immediate goals of getting the administration system back online and functioning - this is all step 1 in our long term plans of opening up the World Waterfall Database to crowdsourced contribution. If it hasn't been painfully obvious to our readers, we have a pretty hard time getting new data added to the database in a timely fashion, so we will be building out infrastructure to allow YOU to help get us the data we need. These changes are still a ways out, but our goal is to have it partially operating this year.

In the mean time, almost everything from the old website is still here and functions the same as it did before - there are a few smaller features which we haven't yet re-enabled, and we're still working on importing our old Blog posts, but that should all be taken care of in the next several weeks or so. Additionally, we've added a few new minor features - browsing by Country is now easier (see the Database menu at the top of the page), the Map browser has been updated to be more responsive and friendly to Mobile devices. We are in the process of ensuring the site has good Mobile support as well, but that is one of the big "to be completed" tasks we have left, so for the time being things will look a bit odd on your Phone and possibly Tablet.

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