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Finger Lakes Falls

Ensminger, Scott A. (author)

Falzguy Publishing, 2001
Edition 1
Format Paperback
Print Style Full Color
Book Type Guidebook
Page Count 91
ISBN 0-9702748-0-7
In Print? No
Picture quality (3)
Picture Quantity (3)
Accuracy of Content (5)
Thoroughness of Content (3)
Production Value (3)

Reviewed by Dean Goss

Scott Ensminger initiated the Western New York Waterfall Survey in 1991. Along the way, he has handcrafted several books. Each one represents an improvement over the previous book.

This book is a full color effort. Over 70 waterfalls are covered in this informative book. Ensminger has grouped the waterfalls geographically, moving from west to east. Any waterfall trip to the Finger Lakes region would be enhanced with this book in hand.

The book is a homegrown affair. The photographs are, for the most part, decent. A few are heavily pixelated. Each waterfall is mapped and is accompanied by informative text that touches on both historical and geologic aspects of the falls in addition to the descriptive text. Ensminger's record keeping is meticulous, giving height and brink widths for each of the falls.

The Bottom Line: There are a few different books addressing falls in the area, namely Doeffinger and Freeman. The Freeman book has more waterfalls, but it comes in a less desirable format. This is the best available choice.

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