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Exploring the Waterfalls of North Carolina

Corey, Jane (author)

The Provincial Press, 1991
Edition 1
Format Paperback
Print Style Black and White
Book Type Guidebook
Page Count 48
ISBN 0-936179-10-4
In Print? No
Picture quality (0)
Picture Quantity (0)
Accuracy of Content (4)
Thoroughness of Content (1)
Production Value (2)

Reviewed by Dean Goss

This book, nearly a pamphlet, has 130 waterfalls listed, 115 of which are mentioned by name only. The book offers details accounts of only 15 waterfalls. While I salute the efforts of the waterfall community, I'd be hard pressed to say this book is even moderately in depth.

The book is illustrated with black and white watercolor images of waterfalls. I can appreciate art as much as the next guy and the watercolors seem to be of good quality (except for the black and white renditions) and the artist, Philip Moose certainly has a great many accolades to his credit.
The maps are pen and ink sketches in a highly stylized manner. Nice, but not exactly the pinnacle of accuracy.

The text is clearly and articulately written, offering general descriptive narrative and general historical information. Nothing of earth shaking importance.

The Bottom Line: I have this book, but I'm a collector of waterfallia. I'd feel personally remiss if I didn't have a copy. If you want to explore North Carolina, the books by Kevin Adams (and to a lesser extent, Joe Bob Tinsley (The Land of Waterfalls) are much, much more relevant.

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