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Dancing Waters Liquid Light - Waterfalls of Sri Lanka - A Portfolio

Fernando, Mervyn (author)

Subodhi, 1999
Edition 1
Format Hard Cover
Print Style Full Color
Book Type Guidebook
Page Count 90
ISBN 955-9322-01-X
In Print? No
Picture quality (4)
Picture Quantity (5)
Accuracy of Content (3)
Thoroughness of Content (3)
Production Value (4)

Reviewed by Dean Goss

This hard cover entry into the waterfalls of Sri Lanka is not particularly well organized. What it lacks in hard information and general organization, it more than compensates with a lot of nice full color photographs. Beyond the photographs, this book doesn't have much to offer. It relies mostly on captions to convey any information.

The Bottom Line: Leave this for the collectors, there's better information available on the internet.

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