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Book Review

Colorado Waterfalls

Fielder, John (author)

Westcliffe Publishers, 1996
Edition 1
Format Hard Cover
Print Style Full Color
Book Type Photography
Page Count 64
ISBN 1-56579-053-7
In Print? Yes
Picture quality (5)
Picture Quantity (5)
Accuracy of Content (4)
Thoroughness of Content (1)
Production Value (5)

Reviewed by Bryan Swan

John Fielder is one of the most prominent landscape photographers based in the United States. He focuses heavily on the Rocky Mountains and surrounding areas and has likely amassed a vast library of photographs of waterfalls. I've had several calendars of his waterfall pictures in the past and the quality of the work was always outstanding. Colorado Waterfalls is a collection of 35 of his various waterfall photographs.

Lets start with the obvious, Fielder is a great photographer. I received this book for Christmas when I was a teenager and it served as personal inspiration for my own photography over the years. The photographs are small (because the book is small - 7 1/4 inches square) but they are printed at very high quality so no detail is sacrificed. For the most part each photo is identified, though not always with the name of the waterfall (which doesn't necessarily apply in some cases).

Now what this book is not is a guidebook. All it is is a series of photographs, don't expect anything more. Because of this fact, I wouldn't recommend paying full price for this book unless you are either a devout follower of Fielder's work or absolutely must get this book to complete your library. But it is definitely worth getting and there should be tons of copies floating around out there.

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