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Province of Quebec - Forests and Waterfalls

Mercier, Honoré (author)

Quebec Government, 1927
Edition 1
Format Paperback
Print Style Black and White
Book Type Reference
Page Count 59
In Print? No
Picture quality (4)
Picture Quantity (1)
Accuracy of Content (3)
Thoroughness of Content (1)
Production Value (4)

Reviewed by Dean Goss

This is an antique book. If you find a copy available, I'd be frankly surprised. I'd also advise you to skip purchasing it. It's more of an inventory of forest and water resources from the perspective of the paper industry, rather than a guidebook. The waterfalls it DOES detail are few and far between, and those that are included in the book are assessed as possible mill sites. You'll find these waterfalls discussed more in terms of Horsepower available than by how tall they are. Falls are discussed more in terms of how many board feet of lumber they can process, and how many tons of coal they'll conserve, rather than being discussed in terms of scenic splendor.

The Bottom Line: You'd spend your money more responsibly buying instant lottery tickets. Put this in junior's college fund.

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