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Make a Splash - Swimming Holes and Waterfalls of the Green Mountains

Minor, Jason (author)

Master Studios, 1998
Edition 1
Format Paperback
Print Style Black and White
Book Type Guidebook
Page Count 112
ISBN 978-0966355604
In Print? Yes
Picture quality (2)
Picture Quantity (2)
Accuracy of Content (3)
Thoroughness of Content (2)
Production Value (2)

Reviewed by Dean Goss

You'd think I'd have kind words to say, being that this is a hometown effort...I should be kind to my homegrown talent. Sorry...I don't mince words.

This book is a home-grown book that attempts to cover both the swimming holes and waterfalls of Vermont, my home state. As it tries to do both, it comes up short. Both lists are quite incomplete. He should have visited my site, his book would have been a lot more thorough.

The book lists 40 swimming holes and/or waterfalls. Neither list is comprehensive. The information presented is incomplete at best. The photographs (the author has a Master's Degree in photography, although I'm unable to see how) are often cocked at unflattering angles (like the 60s Batman...skewed camera angle might be a great way to translate a comic book into live action, but it doesn't work in this context) and the subjects are often shot in harsh light conditions.

The Bottom Line: I've got MUCH better information available for free on my website

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