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The World Waterfall Database was created as a long-term project seeking to create the most comprehensive, complete record of waterfalls found throughout the world.

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Changes to how the Maps work

May 04, 2018

<p>Google is rolling out a new Maps platform in June, which is requiring some significant changes to how we're implementing the Google Maps windows on each waterfall's page. Previously the map window was interactive everywhere, but because the map load quota is being cut dramatically for the free tier of the Google Maps platform, we're no longer going to be able to use the interactive maps everywhere. Until a new solution to the map system is identified and implemented - a complete overhaul of the map tools is planned - we're switching out the maps on each waterfall's page with a static non-interactive map, with just a single marker showing the location of the one waterfall in question. No longer will you be able to see any nearby waterfalls on this map.</p> <p>The maps used in <a href=""> the Map Browser</a> will so far not be impacted by these changes, and will continue to function as usual. However, depending on how much traffic these maps continue to receive, we may have to implement further temporary restrictions to ensure we don't start to incur significant charges for using Google's maps (their billing rates have increased approximately 1400% due to the changes, and we simply will not be able to afford to use their maps at that rate). We're looking into alternatives to implement in the future, and hopefully for now this bandaid will suffice and make sure there are relatively few changes. However it is possible we may have to revert to a more generic map window on each waterfall's page that simply doesn't show markers at all. We'll know more by the end of June what else will have to change, if anything.</p>

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