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Whispering Falls
   British Columbia, Canada

This waterfall has been surveyed, mapped and measured in person by the World Waterfall Database.
Photo of Whispering Falls Whispering Falls is an often overlooked waterfall near Pemberton Pass where Landsborough Creek skips then plunges about 500 feet over a fairly imposing cliff face. Because of the topography of the valley, the sound of the falls is often drown out by the echoes of nearby Place Creek Falls, located across the valley, bouncing off the surrounding cliffs, hence the apt title for the falls. Landsborough Creek drains from a small part of Birkenhead Peak but does not appear to have its source in any permanent ice pack, so the variation in volume of the creek will vary extensively as the season progresses, with the peak volume likely occurring in early June.


  • Whispering Falls is the Official name of this waterfall

Our thoughts

Whispering Falls, though living up to its name and not nearly as impressive as nearby Place Creek Falls, has the potential to be a fairly impressive waterfall during the melt season. Outside peak flow, however, this waterfall is likely only of interest to dedicated waterfall hunters.

Location and directions

From Highway 99 in Mount Currie, take the Birkenhead River Road for about 23 kilometers to the fourth crossing of the railroad tracks which run parallel to the road. The falls are best seen up the hill to the northwest from that point, but can be seen from several other locations along the Birkenhead Road along the eastern end of Gates Lake.

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Photo of Whispering Falls

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