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Wahconah Falls
   Berkshire County, Massachusetts, United States

This waterfall has been surveyed, mapped and measured in person by the World Waterfall Database.
Photo of Wahconah Falls Found just outside of central Dalton, Wahconah Falls is a pretty and at times rather impressive multi-stepped waterfall of about 50 feet in total height. Wahconah Falls Brook produces three primary tiers as it cascades over an outcrop of the Becket Gniess formation. The first two drops are back-to-back nearly vertical plunges of about 15 feet total over a pair of natural rock dams. Immediately below the creek swirls and swishes down the inclined face of the lower falls, a broad, veiling cascade of about 35 feet in height, terminating in a large pool. Shortly above the upper tiers are two or three more minor drops in the 2-4 foot tall range. Upstream of Wahconah Falls its namesake stream is partially regulated by the Windsor Reservoir, which assures a rather inconsistent appearance of the falls depending on the time of year.


  • Wahconah Falls is the Official name of this waterfall

The falls takes its name from the daughter of Chief Miahcoma, an Indian who settled in the Dalton area after being driven out of Connecticut by the English.

Location and directions

From the junction of Routes 9 and 8 in Dalton, follow Route 9 (also known as Route 8A) east for 2.3 miles, then bear right onto Wahconah Falls Road and follow it for under half of a mile to the parking lot for Wahconah Falls State Park. The base of the falls is reached less than 500 feet from the parking area.

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Photo of Wahconah Falls Photo of Wahconah Falls

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Photography tips

This is a rather photogenic waterfall, more so during certain times of the year than others. The lower falls look better during higher flow periods when the water veils out over the whole breadth of the ledge. The pool below the falls can often form a whirlpool, which can be accentuated by fallen leaves during the autumn months. The upper tiers look a little better at moderate to lower flow periods, and are certainly easier to photograph when the creek isn't running high. Spray may be an issue at high water, but the bigger concern is lighting - the thick forest around the falls will create severe high contrast situations when the sun is shining on the area (worst in the afternoon).

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