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   Møre Og Romsdal, Norway

This waterfall has been surveyed, mapped and measured in person by the World Waterfall Database.
Photo of Vinnufallet With a total drop of just under 2,840 feet Vinnufallet is thus far the tallest waterfall we have recorded on the Eurasian continent and is among the ten tallest waterfalls on the planet. Fueled by the Vinnu Glacier which lies nestled high above the town of Sunndalsøra, the stream Vinnu chutes out of a narrow crevice at the top of the valley wall, plunging a sheer 590 feet or so before impacting on a narrow shelf, from which it continues veiling down the side of the valley without pause for almost 2,400 vertical feet. This single uninterrupted horsetail drop qualifies Vinnufallet as having the 5th tallest single (vertical or non-vertical) drop of any waterfall on earth. Finally as the stream nears the valley floor it takes a proper pause and its gradient eases briefly while tumbling through the forested hillside, but then quickly resumes its former breakneck pace by veiling for another 300 or so vertical feet. Making the falls more visually impactful is the fact that as the stream cascades further down the mountainside the breadth of the falls is continuously increasing, reaching a width of over 500 feet before the falls encounter the tree line of the valley.


  • Vinnufallet is the Official name of this waterfall

We had previously listed this entry as "Vinnufossen", however we're told that the proper name in the local dialect is actually Vinnufallet. The english translation of "fossen" and "fallet" hold generally the same meaning, but in the Norwegian dialects there are regionally appropriate distinctions in the usage.

Our thoughts

During our trip to Norway in June 2011 we had made Vinnufallet one of our primary targets simply due to its incredible height. While we were quite familiar with the falls before visiting and had an idea of what it had in store for us, we still found ourselves starring at the falls, jaws agape, marveling at the sheer scale of the cataract. While our visit corresponded to lots and lots of rainy weather and the stream was likely running above its normal volume, we can’t help but wonder if the cooler temperatures we encountered didn't cause the falls to suffer a bit. Given warm, sunny summer weather the melting ice from the glacier above should really turn this thing into a beast, and when we’re talking about a waterfall not far removed from 3,000 feet in height, this is in every way a major statement. Vinnufallet is impressive – period – and any waterfall hunters who find their way anywhere near Sunndalsøra should make it a point to seek it out.

Location and directions

Vinnufallet is easily seen and admired from alongside Highway 70 in Sunndalen. The base of the falls is visible just under 6.5km east of the junction of Highways 62 and 70 in Sunndalsøra, but the falls can be seen along Highway 70 for several kilometers in either direction (assuming there are no low clouds).

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Photo of Vinnufallet Photo of Vinnufallet

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