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Upper Falls Creek Falls
   Snohomish County, Washington, United States

This waterfall has been surveyed, mapped and measured in person by the World Waterfall Database.
Photo of Upper Falls Creek Falls Upper Falls Creek Falls is a gorgeous two-stepped fall tucked deep into the mountains near Darrington. The falls consist of an upper tier which crashes into a narrow slot gorge in rather chaotic fashion, followed by a broader 88 foot plunging fall that descends into a large bowl-shaped amphitheater. Because of a slight turn in the creek between the two tiers, and the thick surrounding forest, there does not appear to be a way to view both tiers concurrently. When this waterfall was surveyed, we were on the wrong side of the creek to safely reach a view of the upper tier and cannot speak to its absolute size or shape, but we feel that the measurement we were able to get is probably relatively indicative of its height.


  • Upper Falls Creek Falls is the Unofficial name of this waterfall

Our thoughts

Upper Falls Creek Falls was a real treat to find; its secluded, pristine and exceptionally scenic. It isn't a terribly powerful waterfall and it's not at all easy to get to, but for those looking for an adventure, this is definitely a location to investigate.

Location and directions

Located near Darrington, just off of the Mountain Loop Highway. From the junction of Highway 530 and the Mountain Loop Highway in Darrington, follow the Mountain Loop south towards Barlow Pass for just over 8 1/2 miles and turn right onto FSR #2080. Follow road 2080, staying left at all major junctions, for about 3.75 miles and park at a large clearing (beyond here the road degrades quickly and there is no room to park). Now on foot, continue walking along the road which slowly deteriorates into a trail, and then just a heavily overgrown road. The route will cross Falls Creek at a half mile, 1.1 miles, 2 miles and finally at 2.8 miles - as of November 2010 the bridges were all gone, but stringers or logs were present to provide a dry crossing at each location. Just beyond the third crossing of the creek, a large slide area has destroyed the former roadbed, which requires some tricky navigating to circumnavigate. About 500 feet after the fourth crossing, the old roadbed switches back uphill, at this point head into the woods toward the North Fork Falls Creek and begin paralleling the creek upstream. Middle Falls Creek Falls will be reached in another 500 feet. Climb to the right above the middle falls up increasingly steep terrain while still following the creek and a view of Upper Falls Creek Falls should be reached about 1/3 of a mile from the old roadbed. The total distance from the parking area is about 3.1 miles. Even though this hike follows a decommissioned road for most of its length, it is very much a bushwhack, is quite strenuous and will most certainly give you several scratches and cuts in the process.

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Photo of Upper Falls Creek Falls

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Photography tips

The lower tier of the falls is exceptionally scenic but the rather limited composition options don't give photographers a whole lot to work with. The falls face southeast, so during summer afternoon hours the sun might align itself above the falls which will make shooting difficult. Spray should not be a problem at the lower tier, but could easily be an issue at the upper tier.

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