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Twin Falls
   Marion County, Oregon, United States

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Photo of Twin Falls Twin Falls may be the least frequently visited waterfall in Silver Falls State Park simply by proxy of being isolated on the least frequently traveled stretch of the Canyon trail, but perhaps in a slight twist of irony it is also the least interesting and least impressive of the ten major waterfalls in Silver Falls State Park as well. Though only the 3rd shortest falls in the park, because the 31-foot tall falls can't be clearly seen from the trail the falls are not highly regarded. During the wet season North Silver Creek splits into two channels and spills down an angled basalt ledge, creating two veiling curtains. During the summer when the volume of water has been greatly reduced the creek sluices down a narrow channel on one side of the falls only and becomes nearly impossible to see due to the shape of the adjacent cliff.


  • Twin Falls is the Official name of this waterfall

The waterfalls of Silver Falls State Park were discovered and named by local photographer June Drake in the late 1880's. Twin Falls was likely named because of its natural tendency to divide into two fanning veils.

Our thoughts

If your visit to Silver Falls State Park requires the maximum return on your effort, Twin Falls is the waterfall to skip out on. Though it can be accessed easily from either the North or Winter Falls trailheads, virtually every other waterfall in the park is more interesting than Twin Falls. Those hiking the entire Canyon Trail should certainly take a look, but don't bother going out of your way unless your goal is to bag all ten of the major waterfalls in the park.

Location and directions

Silver Falls State Park straddles Highway 214 east of Salem and can be reached from either the north or south. From Salem, exit Interstate 5 onto Highway 213 eastbound and proceed 10 miles to Silverton. In Silverton turn right (south) onto Highway 214, following signs pointing to Silver Falls State Park, and drive another 15 miles to the Winter Falls trailhead. Alternatively, from I-5 in Salem drive east on Highway 22 to its junction with Highway 214, then follow Highway 214 for just under 17 miles to Winter Falls. Hike the Winter Creek trail to the bottom of Winter Falls and beyond to the junction with the Canyon Trail in a half of a mile, then bear right and hike another third of a mile to Twin Falls. Those starting from North Falls will encounter Twin Falls about 8/10 of a mile downstream of North Falls.

Twin Falls is shown in the center. Additional nearby waterfalls (if any) can be found in the list below.

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Photo of Twin Falls

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Photography tips

Twin Falls is bar none the least photogenic of the ten major waterfalls in Silver Falls State Park. The official viewpoint at the top of the falls doesn't provide an unobstructed view and is lined with small shrubs and grass which makes seeing the main part of the falls almost impossible during the low flow periods in the summer. The only clear view of the falls is had by scrambling down a narrow, steep boot path about 300 feet north of the falls where an unobstructed view up the canyon is available - but this perspective is still not anything to write home about. Strictly speaking in terms of photography there are better places to spend your time in this park.

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