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Tully Falls
   Queensland, Australia

This waterfall is known to exist but its stature and / or location have not yet been verified by the World Waterfall Database.
Tully Falls was formerly a large volume horsetailing waterfall which cemented itself among Australia's very best waterfalls - perhaps even the best waterfall in the country. In 1960 the Koombooloomba Dam was built upstream of the falls, which diverts the vast majority of the Tully River to a power station in the gorge well downstream of the falls, and as a result the falls only flow during periods of heavy rain. Like Barron Falls, also afflicted by a hydroelectric diversion which saps the falls nearly dry outside of the monsoon season, it is likely that Tully Falls flows regularly during the wet months, but because the area around Tully Falls isn't nearly as developed as is Barron Falls, very little information has surfaced supporting this posit.

The height of Tully Falls is commonly reported as 961 feet (293 meters), but we are almost certain this is the measure of head which the hydroelectric facility operates at, rather than the actual height of the falls. More likely the falls are in the range of 600-700 feet in height.
Hydroelectric Integration
This waterfall has been incorporated into a hydroelectric scheme and as a result may not flow consistently year round.


  • Tully Falls is the Official name of this waterfall

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