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Trou de Fer, Cascades de

This waterfall has been confirmed by the World Waterfall Database, has been mapped and its height has been approximated but exact measurements have not yet been confirmed.
The Trou de Fer (meaning "Iron Hole") is a series of leaps into a huge slot canyon. The initial leap is a horsetail of approximately 700' (213m), followed after a short distance by a horsetail of approximately 600' (183m). After gathering the flow of the many rivulets streaming down this wall, the waters form 2 primary and 2 secondary segments, all four streaming about 1000' (305m) into the depths of the Trou de Fer. An 80' (24m) final plunge into the slot canyon that exits the base of the Trou de Fer completes the descent.


  • Trou de Fer, Cascades de is the Unofficial name of this waterfall

The name "Trou de Fer" means "Iron Hole". It's an apt and descriptive name.

Our thoughts

This is one of the most unique waterfalls we've seen. Many Hawaiian waterfalls stream down an amphitheater, but rarely do we see a multitiered formation of this intricacy. The island of Réunion has many interesting waterfalls, this being perhaps the most interesting.

Location and directions

From Hell-Bourg, leave southeast on the road D55. The road climbs steeply to the Forêt de Bélouve (Forest of Bélouve). From here you'll walk along the Chemin de Trou de Fer for about 3.3 miles (5.3 km) to a viewpoint of the 2nd tier. If you want a bird's eye view, you'll need to charter a helicopter or airplane.

Trou de Fer, Cascades de is shown in the center. Additional nearby waterfalls (if any) can be found in the list below.

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Photography tips

The average visitor only has one or two viewpoints available. By far, the most impressive photographs we've seen come from the devotées of canyoneering, as adventure sport with the purpose pf exploring canyons. This often involves rapelling, hiking, wading, and rock climbing. The nature of this sport is such that encounters with waterfalls are quite frequent. In short, you can get fantastic photographs of this waterfall if you are dangling from a rope or flying overhead in an airplane or helicopter. In either case, the scene is spectacular.

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