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   Møre Og Romsdal, Norway

This waterfall has been surveyed, mapped and measured in person by the World Waterfall Database.
Photo of Skorga The immense walls of Sunndalen feature literally dozens of waterfalls of immense height, including Europe’s tallest waterfall, Vinnufallet. While most of the other drainages don’t have either the volume or visual impact which Vinnufallet holds, the neighboring drainage produces a waterfall which attempts to be equal in caliber. The stream Skorga drains from a basin harboring two small lakes which are partially fed by melt water from the Kald Glacier. Like neighboring Vinnufallet as the stream intersects the immense valley wall it cascades down a long horsetail-style waterfall, but unlike Vinnu the entire drop cannot be as easily seen from the valley floor. Approximately 2,116 feet worth of the falls can be seen from Highway 70 in Sunndalen, but there is an additional 700 feet of falls which are tucked into the gorge at the top of the falls which cannot be seen from the valley. This brings Skorga on par with Vinnufallet in terms of height, but where the two falls are separated is in both shape and consistency – Skorga being a substantially narrower waterfall and thanks to the much smaller volume of glacial ice which feeds into its basin, a much less voluminous waterfall as the summer progresses.


  • Also Known as: Skorgefossen, Skorgafossen
  • Skorga is the Official name of this waterfall

We've received somewhat conflicting information about the proper name for this waterfall. One source suggested that the name we first listed the falls with - Skorgafossen was incorrect and that a more appropriate spelling would be "Skorgefossen". However another source, immediately local to the Sunndalen area tells us the actual name is simply "Skorga", the same name as the water course itself. Plain perhaps, but given that basically the entire length of the stream is made up of the waterfall, it's at least fitting.

Our thoughts

First of all, with Vinnufallet nearby it will be hard for any waterfall to measure up, there’s really no two ways about it, but Skorga tries. As much as it may sound like we were trying to minimize this waterfall in the above information, we have to stress that Skorga is not a minor waterfall at all – at least for part of the year. When we viewed the falls in June 2011, there may have been more water present in Skorga than in Vinnufallet, simply because the Skorga has a larger catchment basin and relies more on rain than melting ice to sustain its flow (and there had been a lot of rain immediately prior to our passing through), though this shouldn't necessarily be expected behavior of the stream. Bottom line is since the falls are visible from the highway there’s no reason to not stop and admire the view.

Location and directions

Skorga is easily seen and admired from alongside Highway 70 in Sunndalen. The best cross-valley views of the falls will be encountered about 8km east of the junction of Highways 62 and 70 in Sunndalsøra, but the falls can be seen along Highway 70 for several kilometers in either direction (assuming there are no low clouds). It should be possible to get much closer to the base of the falls from Route 313 on the north side of the valley, but expect much of the upper half of the falls to be out of view from such perspectives.

Skorga is shown in the center. Additional nearby waterfalls (if any) can be found in the list below.

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Photo of Skorga

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Photography tips

The falls face south and like Vinnufallet will see direct sunlight throughout the day.

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