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Silvertip Falls
   British Columbia, Canada

This waterfall has been surveyed, mapped and measured in person by the World Waterfall Database.
Photo of Silvertip Falls Silvertip Falls may be the tallest waterfall in Wells Gray Provincial Park, though since the backcountry has been seldom documented - let alone explored - it could just as easily not be. The falls drop about 550 feet off of the shoulder of the Trophy Mountains plateau, starting off as a narrow horsetail sliding about 400 feet into a narrow cleft in the rock, then veiling out over a wide bulbous protrusion of rock and cascading another 100 feet and finishing with a 30 foot slide into an inviting pool. Because of the cascading nature of the falls, foreshortening is a serious issue here, so while the falls don’t fail to impress, getting a true feel for its height is difficult from directly below. The upper two-thirds of the falls are quite visible along the road just above the crossing of Silvertip Creek, but to see the base of the falls a short hike is necessary.


  • Silvertip Falls is the Official name of this waterfall

Our thoughts

Silvertip Falls ranges from a spectacular booming cataract in the early months of the summer to a lacy braid of water late in the year, so in order to experience the falls at their best its necessary to plan your visit accordingly. We're not sure that visiting the falls in late September or October would be worth the drive up the dusty road, but its more than worth it in May and June.

Location and directions

From Highway 5 in Clearwater follow the Clearwater Valley Road north towards Wells Gray Park for 11.3 km then turn right onto Spahats Creek Road. Proceed for 6.3km, staying right at the first junction. The falls will come into view above the road shortly before the sign marking the Silvertip Falls recreation site is encountered on the left. The trail to the falls is about 1km in length.

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Photo of Silvertip Falls Photo of Silvertip Falls Photo of Silvertip Falls Photo of Silvertip Falls

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Photography tips

Silvertip Falls is difficult to adequately photograph due to its lofty, twisting nature. The pitch of the upper falls considerably foreshortens the falls when viewing from the base and the lower half is hidden from view from the road. Both telephoto and wide lenses are useful when shooting this waterfall. The southwesterly facing will expose the falls to direct sunlight from the late morning through most of the day, though the bottom parts of the falls will see plenty of shade due to the thick surrounding forest.

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