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Sandy Pond Falls
   Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

This waterfall has been confirmed by the World Waterfall Database, has been mapped and its height has been approximated but exact measurements have not yet been confirmed.
This waterfall is located just east of the inlet for Trout River Big Pond, on the south side of the valley, in Gros Morne National Park. Several references we'd seen placed it at around 400 meters. This however, appears to be a measurement of the differences in elevation between Sandy and Trout River Big Ponds. We had previously speculated the falls could be as high as 500 meters tall, but this was a result of poor mapping. The falls, based on recent topographic maps, appear to drop a total of about 220 meters, which still makes it among the tallest in Newfoundland. The NRCan topographical maps indicate a sheer plunge of 91 meters, followed by steep cascades over the lower reach of the cliff face.


  • Sandy Pond Falls is the Unofficial name of this waterfall

Our thoughts

Gros Morne National Park is a little known treasure trove of waterfalls. While officially named waterfalls might be relatively low in number, the density and quality of the lesser known and undocumented falls are rather surprising. Many aren't particularly large in terms of volume, but the tablelands above the falls are dotted with hundreds of small lakes and ponds that keep the falls' flow steady. Sandy Pond Falls is one of the best in the park.

Sandy Pond Falls is shown in the center. Additional nearby waterfalls (if any) can be found in the list below.

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