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Place Creek Falls
   British Columbia, Canada

This waterfall has been surveyed, mapped and measured in person by the World Waterfall Database.
Photo of Place Creek Falls Not only are the waterfalls of Place Creek are some of the most spectacular in the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia, but the profile of the creek and the location of the falls are rather unique for the area. Basically, what happens here is the Place Group, several mountains rising about 2500 meters above sea level, stands as sort of an island between several valleys. From the valley floor, the walls of these mountains are imposing and very pronounced, and don’t give the impression of being able to hold a lot of water for run off. As one approaches the Place Creek drainage, the same phenomenon is observed, but here, a moderate sized perennial stream thunders down from the large glacier which feeds it, nestled in between the largest of the areas mountains.

Place Creek harbors several waterfalls, one near the toe of the Place Glacier, several between there and the final jump to the valley floor and then the Place Creek Falls proper. While an absolute height has yet to be determined, the most accessible portion of the falls stands about 400 feet tall, with potentially an additional 300 feet of further falls located just upstream (but far enough upstream that it may have to be considered a separate entry).


  • Also Known as: Place Falls
  • Place Creek Falls is the Colloquial name of this waterfall

Our thoughts

We had originally thought Place Creek Falls was a much larger waterfall than it turned out to be - and it still may be bigger than our initial surveying has shown - but despite its lesser stature its still one of the most impressive waterfalls in southern British Columbia.

Location and directions

From Highway 99 in Mount Currie, take the Birkenhead River Road for about 20 kilometers. About ½ kilometer past the second crossing of the railroad tracks turn right on Anson Place and park in the large turnaround at its end. From here, follow an overgrown two-track across the railroad tracks, hop the gate and cross through the powerline clearings (the trail crosses private land but the landowners allow access). You’ll pick up the trail on the far side, but you’ll have to rummage around to find the old road it follows. The base of the falls are about 1 ½ km from the road.

Place Creek Falls is shown in the center. Additional nearby waterfalls (if any) can be found in the list below.

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Photo of Place Creek Falls Photo of Place Creek Falls Photo of Place Creek Falls

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Photography tips

Place Creek Falls presents two problems to photographers - first, when the creek is running at its peak in the summer months the falls toss up a ton of spray and this makes shooting from the trailside viewpoints difficult. Secondly, because the falls face northwest the sun will transit directly over the falls, shining directly into the lenses of onlooking cameras in the late morning and early afternoon hours.

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