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Peaches and Creme Falls
   British Columbia, Canada

This waterfall has been surveyed, mapped and measured in person by the World Waterfall Database.
Photo of Peaches and Creme Falls Peaches and Creme Falls is a lofty, twisting high volume waterfall located high up in the Squamish River basin which epitomizes the large obscure waterfalls which British Columbia's Coast Mountains are known to harbor hundreds of. The falls are easily accessible via logging roads but due to the shape of the narrow gorge where Peach Creek plunges to meet the Elaho River, only the bottom third of the falls can be easily seen.

Topographic maps indicate Peach Creek drops about 210 meters out of its hanging valley in at least 7 steps to the plain of the Elaho, the bottom 192 feet of which are visible from the base of the falls. From roads across the valley, glimpses of the upper portions of the falls are available but again due to the shape of the gorge and the direction the falls face, only slivers of the large series of falls are visible.


  • Also Known as: Peach Creek Falls
  • Peaches and Creme Falls is the Unofficial name of this waterfall

The origin of the name of the falls is unknown but it seems to have been in local use for several decades and has appeared as such in the Backroad Mapbooks which have covered the area. The falls have also been referred to simply as Peach Creek Falls.

Our thoughts

Peaches and Creme Falls is worth visiting for several reasons - be it the roadside wilderness isolation one can experience, the temperate rainforest qualities of the valley or the quirky picnic area near the bottom of the falls. It would be much more worthy of visitation were it more easily visible though. If a trail or even a bushwhack route can be pushed up the adjacent hillside to allow views on the upper portions of the falls, this would easily be elevated to among the best waterfalls in British Columbia.

Location and directions

Follow the Squamish Valley Road / Squamish Main for 48km (paved for the first 19km) from Highway 99 north of Squamish. Turn left onto the Elaho Main and drive for another 10km to the signed G-Main Road. Follow this road for 2.4km and bear left (may or may not be a sign) to the picnic site just prior to crossing the Peach and Ponor Creek bridge. The falls are found about 200 feet away up a small flight of stairs.

Peaches and Creme Falls is shown in the center. Additional nearby waterfalls (if any) can be found in the list below.

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Photo of Peaches and Creme Falls Photo of Peaches and Creme Falls Photo of Peaches and Creme Falls

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Photography tips

The volume of the creek and shape of the gorge at the base of the falls directs a heavy spray right at the paths leading to the bottom of the falls, so photographing the falls head on is quite difficult. The falls face north and are well shaded for all but about two months either side of the summer solstice.

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