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   Møre Og Romsdal, Norway

This waterfall has been confirmed by the World Waterfall Database, has been mapped and its height has been approximated but exact measurements have not yet been confirmed.
Mongefossen was formerly one of the most impressive waterfalls in Europe, veiling 773 meters over the impossibly immense cliffs of Norway's renowned Romsdalen in a powerful single horsetailing fall. In 1977 the Mongeelva was diverted into the Grytten hydroelectric generating station, which also incorporates water from nearby Mardalsfossen, and the falls have been dry since. In years with above average snowfall, it is possible that Mongefossen will again flow for a few weeks during the early summer months if the runoff can sustain the capacity of Mongevatnet, however given the paucity of photographs of the falls taken in the last 30 years, this appears to be a very rare event.

Mongefossen has been said to be the tallest waterfall which is visible from a railway station (in this case the station for the town of Marstein, which may not even exist any longer). This seems to be a claim stemming from inaccurate information as Mongefossen cannot be seen from Marstein at all (however Ølmåafossen, located a few kilometers to the west of Mongefossen and nearly as tall, can be seen from there). Other similar claims suggest Mongefossen is the tallest waterfall which can be seen from a passenger railway line, and this may very well be an accurate claim, but we cannot verify such at this time.
Hydroelectric Integration
This waterfall has been incorporated into a hydroelectric scheme and as a result may not flow consistently year round.


  • Also Known as: Møngefossen
  • Mongefossen is the Official name of this waterfall

Our thoughts

It's truly a shame that Mongefossen isn't afforded the same (albeit limited) stewardship that Mardalsfossen has received. If Mongefossen were allowed to flow naturally for just a couple months of the year, it would undoubtedly be considered an attraction of the highest stature. Mongefossen may be the best, or at least second best, of all of Norway's waterfalls which no longer flow - and it could potentially be argued that naturally flowing, Mongefossen may legitimately be Norway's second best waterfall period. As it is now, unless a visit is timed with exceptional luck following a lot of precipitation, all that can be appreciated is a lofty water-stained cliff.

Location and directions

Mongefossen is situated on the north side of the E136 about 20 km east of the junction with Highway 64 in Åndalsness. The falls, should they be flowing, can be seen almost in entirety from the highway but there is limited room to park. Potentially better views might be had by crossing the Rauma River at the nearby Remmembrua and finding a view from the opposite side of the valley.

Mongefossen is shown in the center. Additional nearby waterfalls (if any) can be found in the list below.

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Ølmåafossen 2.65 mi / 4.25 km
Døntefossen 4.35 mi / 6.96 km


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