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Lake Unknown Falls
   Otago, New Zealand

This waterfall has been confirmed by the World Waterfall Database, has been mapped and its height has been approximated but exact measurements have not yet been confirmed.
Lake Unknown supplies water to a massive waterfall that drops out of the lake and makes several leaps to the floor of the Dart River valley. While New Zealand topo maps show a 150 meter leap, this clearly only refers to the uppermost tier and the falls below are virtually continuous to the valley floor.


  • Lake Unknown Falls is the Unofficial name of this waterfall

We've named the falls after the lake from which they issue.

Our thoughts

Like Norway, New Zealand appears to have several large, presumably unnamed waterfalls. However, in this case, we're very surprised to have found no evidence that a waterfall this massive is named. The falls drop out of colorfully named Lake Unknown (we're assuming it was a descriptive), and thunder down the side of the Dart River Valley for almost 700 meters. Tourism companies run jetboat tours up the Dart River, and the falls are quite easily seen from the river, so we assume many people know about the falls, yet very little seems to be published about it. Once we can uncover a little more information, this one could worm its way onto the World's Best list.

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