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This waterfall has been surveyed, mapped and measured in person by the World Waterfall Database.
Photo of Kjerrskredfossen Norway’s famous Nærøydalen is one of the best examples of a glacially carved valley on earth and features literally dozens of streams falling thousands of feet into the valley. Most of these streams are of very low volume and do not flow consistently without sustained precipitation or melting snow. There are a handful which are, however, quite significant in volume (considering the small drainage size) and height. Probably the most notable of these is the waterfall we refer to as Kjerrskredfossen, situated immediately southwest of the town of Gudvangen and the more famous Kjelfossen. Kjerrskredfossen consists of two side-by-side streams fed by a small lake and melting snow which plunge and horsetail a total of about 2,725 feet over the lofty cliffs lining the Nærøydalen. Both streams drop to the valley in at least six distinct tiers, with the tallest individual tiers standing between 600 and 750 feet on each stream, but because of the sheer scale of the falls, it is very difficult to determine exactly how many drops there are and how tall each one is.

Though the drainage basin feeding into Kjerrskredfossen is very small, because this part of Norway receives significant rainfall throughout the year coupled with heavy snow in the winter, it is possible that this waterfall may flow throughout the year. However, going back to the small drainage area, the falls will be at their best during the late spring and early summer months and will most likely not be terribly noticeable during the late summer and early autumn months (if it flows during that period at all).
Seasonal Discharge
This waterfall occurs along a stream that is known to vary greatly in volume and as a result may not flow consistently year round or may dry out completely during certain periods.


  • Kjerrskredfossen is the Unofficial name of this waterfall

Our thoughts

This is one of the waterfalls we were most curious about surveying during our 2011 effort. While the height of the falls is more or less what we expected, the volume of the creek(s) was considerably higher than we were prepared for and the sheer scale of the feature was simply not possible to comprehend before seeing it in person. This isn’t a major waterfall on a global scale, but it is significant enough to warrant more than just a little attention. After visiting and examining our photographs, we were surprised to discover that this waterfall had been captured by renowned photographer Yoshikazu Shirakawa and displayed in the third volume of his magnificent World’s 100 Greatest Waterfalls books.

Location and directions

Kjerrskredfossen can be seen from the E16 in Nærøydalen about 2km south of the Gudvangen Tunnel. There is a gravel pullout on the south side of the road with room for several cars to park.

Kjerrskredfossen is shown in the center. Additional nearby waterfalls (if any) can be found in the list below.

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Photo of Kjerrskredfossen Photo of Kjerrskredfossen

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Photography tips

The biggest problem faced when shooting this waterfall is the scale of the falls. Its so big and so lacy that a wide angle shot of the whole thing doesn't at all convey the scale of the falls, and likewise a more focused shot of part of the falls doesn't tell nearly enough of the story. The falls face northwest and will see semi-direct sunlight during the afternoon hours during the longest months of the year.

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