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Hi'ilawe Falls
   Hawaii County, Hawaii, United States

This waterfall has been confirmed by the World Waterfall Database, has been mapped and its height has been approximated but exact measurements have not yet been confirmed.
Lalakea Stream flows along a plateau and drops over 1400' in a single sliding path down an immense jungled wall into a deep valley on Hawaii's big island. Ordinarily, two streams drop side by side, but the smaller of the two only flows with strength after periods of rain.


  • Hi'ilawe Falls is the Official name of this waterfall

Our thoughts

Hi'ilawe Falls is the most famous waterfall in Waipio Valley. The falls share the same cliff wall with the currently dry Hakalaoa Falls. Lalakea Stream above the brink of Hi'ilawe Falls had been partially dammed to provide water for developments in the area. Apparently the dam is now no longer required, but still exists, and many local groups are trying to get it removed so the falls can revert back to their original state.

Hi'ilawe Falls is shown in the center. Additional nearby waterfalls (if any) can be found in the list below.

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