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Flood Falls
   British Columbia, Canada

This waterfall has been surveyed, mapped and measured in person by the World Waterfall Database.
Photo of Flood Falls Flood Falls is a very tall but low volume stream cascading down a narrow gully on the northeast side of Chawuthen Ridge just outside the town of Hope. The falls drain from a small basin on top of the ridge as well as avalanche deposits which accumulate in the upper half of the gully, plunging about 1200 feet to the valley floor in 9 distinct drops, almost all of which are vertical or nearly vertical in nature. From the base of the falls, however, only the bottom 250 feet of the falls can be seen. Because of the small drainage size, Flood Falls only flows for certain periods of the year, usually running dry in the late summer months and often freezing entirely during the coldest periods of the winter.
Seasonal Discharge
This waterfall occurs along a stream that is known to vary greatly in volume and as a result may not flow consistently year round or may dry out completely during certain periods.


  • Flood Falls is the Colloquial name of this waterfall

The falls are named for the nearby town of Floods (which is sort of a suburb of sorts to nearby Hope) and due to its proximity to Flood-Hope Road is sometimes referred to as Flood Hope Falls.

Our thoughts

Flood Falls is probably of more interest to waterfall hunters than anyone else due to its small volume, but considering the relatively easy access it is a good spot to take bushwhackers-in-training who want to experience some relative seclusion.

Location and directions

Depart Highway 1 at Exit 164 (Flood-Hope Road) and turn left on a frontage road immediately after the highway overpass (from either direction, you'll want to cross to the south side of the highway). About 100 meters from the overpass, there's evidence of an old gravel road leading into the woods. Park here and look for a faint path leading into the woods. Soon the brush gives way to a forest growing on a large alluvial fan. The trail starts out as faint and hard to follow but as long as you keep walking towards the cliffs, keeping the stream channels (which are only occupied with water right at the base of the falls) on your right, you should find the falls without a problem. The trail becomes easier to follow the closer to the falls you get.

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Photo of Flood Falls Photo of Flood Falls Photo of Flood Falls

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