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This waterfall has been surveyed, mapped and measured in person by the World Waterfall Database.
Photo of Espelandsfossen Situated almost directly across the valley from the famous Låtefossen is another waterfall with nearly as storied a history but not nearly the recognition. Espelandsfossen is a two-stepped fall totaling about 245 feet (75m) in height, with individual drops of 64 and 181 feet respectively. While the Espelandselva drains from a considerably smaller area than its counterpart across the valley, the falls can produce a very significant amount of spray – so much that taking pictures from the opposite shore of the river can be difficult, if not impossible during the peak of the melt season. The upper tier of the falls is all but completely hidden from view from the road below, but the spray billowing from it can easily be seen.

For many years there had swirled uncertainty around the height of Espelandsfossen. As we began compiling our information about waterfalls many year ago, we commonly would see references to Espelandsfossen being a waterfall with a drop of 2,307 feet (703m), yet when we began to find photographs of the falls we began to wonder why none of them looked nearly that big. Though there are (at least) two waterfalls in Norway known as Espelandsfossen, neither is anywhere near that height, so we were left wondering where that figure could have come from. Finally an explanation surfaced: a simple typo. Rather than the height of the falls being recorded as 103m, someone misinterpreted the number as 703m (probably due to a bad photocopy or smudged type) and it seemingly stuck. While 103m is certainly a much more realistic figure, unless there is a third tier of the falls not apparent from below this still seems to be an overestimate when compared to our measurements.


  • Espelandsfossen is the Official name of this waterfall

Location and directions

Espelandsfossen can be found about 200m south of Låtefossen on the opposite side of Oddadalen along Route 13 between its junction with the E134 and Odda. There is a single small pullout on the uphill side of the road where one or possibly two cars can park, but it is recommended that those who wish to view Espelandsfossen park at Låtefossen and walk up the road instead.

Espelandsfossen is shown in the center. Additional nearby waterfalls (if any) can be found in the list below.

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Photo of Espelandsfossen

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Photography tips

Because of the narrow confines of Oddadalen the spray from this waterfall will easily reach across the river and soak the roadside viewpoints for the falls. During periods of high water this can be especially problematic. The falls face east and will see direct sunlight in the mid to late morning hours.

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