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This waterfall has been surveyed, mapped and measured in person by the World Waterfall Database.
Photo of Espelandsfossen Norway has two waterfalls bearing the name Espelandsfossen, this is the larger but lesser known of the two. Situated in idyllic Espelandsdalen, the falls consist of a nearly sheer plunge of around 275 feet, with an upper tier of about 50 feet situated upstream that unfortunately cannot be seen from the road. We had previously estimated the height of the falls to be closer to 425 feet, but this incorrectly took into account what we thought were bedrock cascades below the main drop that turned out instead to be talus cascades which would not qualify as part of the falls.


  • Espelandsfossen is the Official name of this waterfall

Location and directions

Espelandsfossen is found adjacent to Route 572 between the town of Ulvik and Highway 13 in Grandvin. Drive about 8km east on Route 572 from the junction with Highway 13, or about 11km west from downtown Ulvik to where the stream crosses the road. The falls will be found just upstream. Note that there is essentially no place to park where the falls are visible from immediately below. An additional good view can be had by driving about 3/4 of a kilometer to the west and parking along the side of the road.

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Photo of Espelandsfossen Photo of Espelandsfossen

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Photography tips

The best view of the falls from along the side of Route 572 is from about 700 meters west of the stream, looking back at the falls from the side. From immediately below the falls foreshortening has a considerable affect and the trees between the road and the falls obstruct the bottom of the falls. Accessing the bottom of the falls appears to be rather easy via the field adjacent to the creek.

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