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Cedar Creek Falls
   Douglas County, Oregon, United States

This waterfall has been surveyed, mapped and measured in person by the World Waterfall Database.
Small Cedar Creek plummets off of a high cliff in several columns, which, with enough water, would be very impressive. But, sadly, the watershed of Cedar Creek is very small and in the summer, when there isn't snowmelt feeding the drainage, the falls shrivel up and all but dry out. The falls are major enough to have prompted the forest service to erect a sign pointing out it's existence, however, it cannot be seen from the road (at least in the summer). Clearly viewing the falls requires a short scramble up the steep streambed to the base of the falls. Be aware of Ticks in this area, I found one crawling on me (before it bit thankfully).
Seasonal Discharge
This waterfall occurs along a stream that is known to vary greatly in volume and as a result may not flow consistently year round or may dry out completely during certain periods.


  • Cedar Creek Falls is the Official name of this waterfall

Location and directions

Drive east from Roseburg to the small town of Glide, and turn south on the signed Little River Road. Follow the Little River Road for 22 miles to (poorly) signed Road # 2700 / 095, and turn left (leading uphill). Follow this road for one mile, being wary of rocks that may have fallen off the adjacent slopes and cliffs, to Cedar Creek and park. The falls can be heard from the road, but cannot be seen (at least when trees are in leaf). Scramble upstream for 100 feet to the base of the falls.

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