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Angel's Staircase Falls
   British Columbia, Canada

This waterfall has been surveyed, mapped and measured in person by the World Waterfall Database.
Photo of Angel's Staircase Falls Angels Staircase Falls is the first significant waterfall encountered along the Yoho Valley trail in Yoho National Park. A short spur trail branches off from the Yoho Valley trail and leads to a view from the banks of the Yoho River directly across from the mouth of the small stream. Because the stream is fed by lingering snow patches, expect it to run dry by the end of August, if not sooner. The overall height of the falls looks to be in the order of 1000 feet but it may just as easily be more or less - because its difficult to spot the bottom of the falls with all the trees in the foreground obstructing we really can't say for sure where it ends.


  • Angel's Staircase Falls is the Official name of this waterfall

Our thoughts

Though notable in terms of height, Angel's Staircase Falls is probably more of a ho-hum attraction to most visitors. Waterfall enthusiasts, however, will no doubt be eager to visit one of the many falls seen along the Yoho Valley trail.

Location and directions

A signed spur leads to a forested viewpoint at the 2.4 km mark along the Yoho Valley Trail in Yoho National Park. If you begin to climb up hill along the main trail, you've missed the spur.

Angel's Staircase Falls is shown in the center. Additional nearby waterfalls (if any) can be found in the list below.

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Photo of Angel's Staircase Falls

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