Top 100 Waterfalls

waterfalls are among the most impressive, visceral objects in nature, providing a glimpse at forces and power otherwise unseen to the naked eye.  planet earth houses literally tens of thousands of waterfalls, only a select few can be considered among the very best.  but how do we determine which ones make the cut?

Well, that is unfortunately a very speculative question.  Part of the goal of the World Waterfall Database is to generate discussion about how to qualifying a water feature as a Waterfall and what specifics should be focused on in an attempt to do so. Part of the problem is that different people will have differing opinions about how to go about this process, and will look at the data in an entirely different way.  Such is the nature of human perception when attempting to quantify a feature for which there is no established quantifyability.  That said, we feel with our extensive background researching the topic, we have come up with a fair way to rank the best of the best and present here out list of The World's 100 Best Waterfalls.

Our ultimate goal is to be able to generate a Top 100 list based purely on our rating system. However, as we are still building up the amount of data we have online, this currently isn't possible without the list looking very lopsided and omitting many, many waterfalls which naturally should be included in such a listing. So, as a temporary stopgap, we've made a list of our personal choices for the 100 best waterfalls on the planet. These selections take into consideration the rankings that many of these waterfalls have (or should, when we have enough data) achieved, but the ordering or inclusion of the entries is based largely on our subjectivity (and hopefully you will read that as "experience and experise" rather than "bias and favoritism"). We think this list is still pretty fair but there are certainly waterfalls which deserve to be included which have been left out for one reason or another.

As the scope of our data increases, we will hopefully be able to shift this list over to a totally automated system.  We should also note that this list may periodically change as we enter new information in the database or find previously undocumented waterfalls throughout the word.

So with that said, On to the The World's Top 100 Waterfalls...