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    Map Key


    Waterfall has been visited and field surveyed by members of the World Waterfall Database.


    A waterfall exists at this location and some information may be available, but details may be limited.


    A waterfall likely occurs at or near this location, but information may be inaccurate and likely incomplete.

    Unknown / Rumored

    Little to no information exists - there is a possibility that no waterfall exists at this location.


    A waterfall formerly existed at this location, but has since been submerged behind a dam.


    This feature was either destroyed and no longer exists, or does not qualify as a Waterfall.


    Waterfall is known but is located on private land and is closed to public access.

    Using the Map

    Selecting a Country

    When you choose a country from the dropdown menu, the map will snap to center on that country and try to zoom to fit most of the country in the map window. If you have your browser window sized small, the edges of the region selected may or may not fit within the area displayed.

    Depending on how many waterfalls are recorded in that country, you may have to select a sub-division to narrow the search results down further. For example – the United States has over 11,000 waterfalls currently recorded. We can't show that many markers on the map without straining both the server and your browser window, so choosing a State to limit the result to will return results for just that state.

    Selecting a State

    When required, a second dropdown menu will appear asking you to choose from a subdivision of the selected country. The number of countries which will require this function will likely grow in the future as we enter more waterfalls into the database.

    Information Displayed

    Markers showing the locations of each waterfall found within the selected country will be automatically displayed in the map window after making a selection in the dropdown menu(s). In a few situations there may still be too many markers to display them all at once after you've selected a subdivision of the chosen country. When this occurs, you will see a notice informing you that you must zoom the map in further before the markers will display. When you reach the requisite zoom level, the markers will display.

    Search Results

    Markers for waterfalls are shown in the map window. Hovering the cursor over the marker will display the name of the waterfall. Clicking on the marker will open the page for that waterfall in a new window or tab.

    In addition to the map window, an alphabetical list of the waterfall markers displayed within the map window is also displayed to the left of the map window. At the left of each link in this list is a Center icon – clicking this will re-center the map on that waterfall, which will also re-query the database based on the new location.

    Searching by changing the map

    The map system searches the database based on the area displayed within the map window. When you either pan or zoom the map window, the data will be refreshed to show new results.
  • Pan the map my clicking and dragging in any direction.
  • Zoom the map using the scroll wheel of your mouse, or using the zoom control at the left side of the window.
  • You can also switch between Map and Satellite imagery using the buttons at the top right corner of the map window.


    Above the map window you may notice a series of notification which will be displayed in certain situations. These are meant to help identify situations where data is not available for certain reasons. The following notifications can be encountered:

    There are no waterfalls known to occur in [country]. Please select different country to try again.
    This notification is pretty self-explanatory – for countries (or sub-regions where applicable) where there are no waterfalls known to exist, the map window will still focus on that country, but no search results will be displayed. You will need to choose another country or sub-region from the respective dropdown menus at the top of the page in order to search the database again.

    There are too many waterfalls recorded in [country] to display them all on the map. Please select a [region] in order to filter the results further.
    This notification is displayed when there are too many search results to display on the map at once for any given country. You will need to select a sub-region from the second dropdown menu in order to continue searching within the selected country. However, if you wish to see a list of all the waterfalls within the selected country, clicking on the View list of all Waterfalls in [country] link.

    Our full data for [country] has not yet been uploaded; the search results may be incomplete.
    Because we haven't been able to compile and upload all of the data we have for all of the countries throughout the world, there are many areas where you may not see many (or any) search results displayed in the map window, even though there are waterfalls known to occur within the selected country or sub-region. When this occurs, this notification will be displayed. This simply means you'll need to check back in the future to see if we have been able to add the relevant data.

    Error Messages

    Error messages related to the search results will slide into view along the top edge of the map window in two situations:

    No waterfalls were found within this area. Pan or zoom the map window in order to search again.
    This error means that within the displayed map window there are no waterfalls recorded in the database. You'll need to either pan the map, zoom out further, or select a different country or subdivision of the current country in order to search again.

    You need to zoom in further in order to see waterfalls on the map
    This error means that you're zoomed too far out for the markers to display on the map (this is to reduce clutter and to make sure that you can hover over the icons as intended). Zoom in further in order for the markers to appear.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Can I link to the map directly?
    A: Not yet, but we will be adding the ability to do so in the future.

    Q: Why aren't there any waterfalls shown in the region I selected?
    A: We still have a long way to go before all of the data we have compiled over the years is uploaded to the database. Chances are if you're finding that there are a lot of missing waterfalls from a Country or State / Province / region of a given country, we simply haven't been able to upload the data yet. It'll happen in the future, but we can't provide any sort of firm timeline as to when.

    Q: The map isn't working correctly.
    A: Ensure you have not disabled Javascript in your browser options. Additionally, there is some functionality which requires a modern generation browser to function properly – if you are not using the current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, or Internet Explorer 10 or newer, the map may not function as intended.

    Q: Does the map work on mobile browsers?
    A: The current map should be functional in any modern browser that supports Javascript, but was not designed with mobile support in mind. We have been able to verify functionality in Chrome for Mobile and Android Browser, others we cannot say for sure. We will be overhauling the entire website in the future to support mobile use, at which time the map will become more mobile friendly.