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Privacy policy & Legal Stuff

The content of this website is provided as is and without warranty or guarantee of accuracy. As the World Waterfall Database is a fully independent and privately owned website, we reserve our right to change, alter or discontinue any and / or all content as we deem necessary. As the World Waterfall Database evolves, this Privacy Policy may change without notice. By using this website, you (the user) acknowledge that you understand these basic principals and agree to exercise common sense in the utilization of the information contained within.

Personal Privacy

Visitors to the World Waterfall Database may be asked for personal information such as names and email addresses for purposes of facilitating contact between the World Waterfall Database and said visitors. The World Waterfall Database does not sell or redistribute any personal information for any purpose. When users submit pictures for display throughout the World Waterfall Database, we may publish the name of the individual(s) who submitted said pictures for purposes of crediting the authors. We will not provide a means of directly contacting any individual who has submitted a picture without the consent of that individual.

Dangers of Waterfalls

The World Waterfall Database is intended as a source of documentation and a repository for information regarding waterfalls, and is not intended to be utilized as a field guide. The World Waterfall Database makes no guarantees to the accuracy of the information presented. Waterfalls are inherently dangerous locations, and the World Waterfall Database can not assume or guarantee your personal safety when visiting a waterfall. Individuals who use the content available on this website to seek out and visit waterfalls are solely and entirely responsible for their actions and personal safety. The World Waterfall Database, its affiliates and operators assume no responsibility for any personal or bodily injury, or property damage resulting in visitation to locations described, and by using this website for such purposes, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the World Waterfall Database, its affiliates, operators, and contributors for any injury or damages, physical, monetary or other, which may arise from visiting any of the locations documented within.

Private Property

The World Waterfall Database may feature information about waterfalls located partially or entirely within privately held property. This is solely for the purpose of documenting the existence and location of these waterfalls, and to help identify which locations cannot be legally accessed. Such cases are not a legal justification for visitation of these locations. The World Waterfall Database can not grant permission for visitation to waterfalls found on privately held property. Further, we do not condone visiting waterfalls on privately held property without first consulting the land owners, and ask that those seeking out waterfalls which may be found on privately held property be courteous and respectful of the land owner's rights.

Private Landowners - if you see information on this website which does not accurately or clearly identify that a waterfall found on your property is not publicly accessible, please let us know and we will make the appropriate changes.

Copyright Information

All photographs utilized throughout the World Waterfall Database are protected under International Copyright Law. All photographs are property of their respective owners and may not be used in any medium, personally or commercially, without written consent from the owner. In some cases, photographs which are used by the World Waterfall Database may be attributed with a Creative Commons General use licence (which will be noted where applicable).

Visitors to this website may submit photographs to be displayed throughout. While we do our best to ensure proper credit of these pictures, the World Waterfall Database can not guarantee the accuracy of information which is not openly provided to us. If you would like to submit a picture for use on the World Waterfall Database, you must agree to allow the World Waterfall Database to associate personal information (name and in some cases, the URL of a source website) with said image(s).