Cataloged - Mapped, Photographed, Measured
Confirmed - Location confirmed, height accurate
Unconfirmed - Location rough, height unconfirmed
Unknown - Limited or no information available
Inundated - Flooded by dam
Disqualified - Not a waterfall by our definition
Posted - Private property, no public access.

waterfall database

worlds largest waterfalls
by average volume

List of waterfalls know to have an average discharge rate of 5000 cubic feet per second or greater. This list representative only of the waterfalls which we have enough data for and should not be assumed to be a complete list of waterfalls which would otherwise qualify under this characteristic.

   Query returned 41 entries
  Name of Waterfall avg. volume Watercourse state / Province Country
36. Storforsen 6,600 cfs 187 cms Pite River Norrbotten Sweden
37. Selfoss 6,400 cfs 181 cms Jökulsá á Fjöllum Norðurland eys... Iceland
38. Rearguard Falls 6,050 cfs 171 cms Fraser River British Columbi... Canada
39. Cohoes Falls 5,700 cfs 161 cms Mohawk River New York United States
40. Jog Falls 5,387 cfs 153 cms Sharavati River Karnataka India
41. Willamette Falls 5,000 cfs 142 cms Willamette River Oregon United States
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