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Swampy Meadows Falls
   Skamania County, Washington, United States

This waterfall has been surveyed, mapped and measured in person by the World Waterfall Database.
Photo of Swampy Meadows Falls The slopes of Mount Adams may harbor dozens of waterfalls which are more or less unknown to the world and despite being found not more than 800 feet away from the road, this is a waterfall where one can experience exceptional solitude and feel like there is nothing around for miles. The falls veil 52 feet over an exposure of Andesite, first veiling freely for about 30 feet, then veiling over rolling ledges below. The unnamed stream forming this cascade is a tributary to the White Salmon River which drains from a portion of the aptly named Swampy Meadows, which occupy a plateau-like basin immediately to the west of the Pacific Crest Trail west of Mount Adams. While the small size of the stream suggests the falls may dry out during the late summer months, the wetlands should sustain a consistent flow of water for most of the year.

We should note that the USGS Steamboat Mountain 1998 quadrangle does not show the proper course of the stream this waterfall occurs along. Rather than the creek making a sharp bend from south to northeast, the stream flows directly east after crossing under Road 23, so our coordinates will not place the waypoint on the stream as it is mapped.


  • Swampy Meadows Falls is the Unofficial name of this waterfall

Because this waterfall nor its stream are known to have been named, we've named it for the Swampy Meadows which the stream drains from.

Our thoughts

Before surveying this waterfall we had suspected a significant waterfall at this location, but didn't expect to find such a scenic waterfall instead. Though the forest around the creek is somewhat cluttered and fairly brushy, the immediate area around the falls is quite photogenic and worth seeking out if only to experience the solitude of the area. We suspect there be another waterfall a short distance downstream as well, but have not yet had time to investigate further.

Location and directions

From the town of Trout Lake, follow Mount Adams Road - which eventually becomes Forest Service Road 23 - north for 13.6 miles to where the Pacific Crest Trail crosses the road adjacent to the junction with FSR 8810, and park where space is available. Follow the Pacific Crest Trail east for a few hundred feet, crossing the unnamed stream on a footbridge. Just past the bridge turn right and follow the creek downstream along its north bank for about 500 feet to the top of the falls. The slopes just downstream from the falls are gradual enough to safely descend to its base. The bushwhack is short but somewhat brushy.

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Photo of Swampy Meadows Falls

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Photography tips

Thick forest surrounds this waterfall, so much so that there may be no more than an hour or two during the day when shadows aren't partially covering the falls. The falls have a nearly due east facing, but lie within enough of Mount Adams' shadow that it should remain entirely shaded until at least 9am (give or take). In the afternoon, light should be functional after 4pm. Spray shouldn't be much of a problem unless getting real close to the bottom of the falls.

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