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Rearguard Falls
   British Columbia, Canada

This waterfall has been surveyed, mapped and measured in person by the World Waterfall Database.
Photo of Rearguard Falls Rearguard Falls is said to be the upstream limit to Salmon migration in the Fraser River. This might be true, but it certainly doesn’t look it. The Fraser froths over a 200 foot wide stretch of river in a shallow cascade, such that the current likely is too strong for fish to navigate, but the falls certainly aren’t tall enough to block fish in theory. The falls aren’t terribly impressive, but they are rather scenic for a big-river waterfall. In addition, the Fraser is commercially rafted in this area, and there is an intricate portage system at the falls, so you may be able to enjoy the tourists looking scared out of their wits as they embark down the river.


  • Rearguard Falls is the Official name of this waterfall

Location and directions

Rearguard Falls are found 4 kilometers east of Tete Jaune Cache along the Yellowhead Highway, just inside Mount Robson Provincial Park.

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Photo of Rearguard Falls Photo of Rearguard Falls

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