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Bedard Falls
   British Columbia, Canada

This waterfall has been surveyed, mapped and measured in person by the World Waterfall Database.
Photo of Bedard Falls This waterfall cascades down a narrow gully from a pair of small lakes and their parent glaciers on the Squamish-Ashlu Divide. The height of the falls is difficult to determine, but it is thought to be in the vicinity of at least 1500 feet in total height with a single drop of perhaps 300-400 feet. It is possible the falls may extend further up the mountainside and could perhaps be over 2000 feet tall in all, but the terrain makes it difficult to see the falls from the ground at all. Making it more difficult still, thick forest along the banks of the Squamish River prevent clear views from the road across the valley.


  • Bedard Falls is the Proposed name of this waterfall

This waterfall nor the stream it is located along are known to have a recognized name. Along the Squamish FSR near where the falls are visible is a memorial plaque dedicated to one Darryl Bedard, so we've proposed naming the falls in following.

Our thoughts

Its really too bad there isn't a clear view of the falls even from the Squamish Main, because it is a fairly noteworthy waterfall. If it weren't so deeply incised into the mountain it would almost certainly be on par with Shannon Falls in Squamish, if not better. As it is, the teasing glimpses through the trees and into small parts of the canyon will only stir your interest and in the end frustrate.

Location and directions

The falls are best seen from the Squamish Main around the 27 mile marker. The memorial is obvious and there is room to park there. The best views of the falls are had about 300 feet south of the memorial along side the river. You'll need to find a hole in the trees to photograph the falls well.

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Photo of Bedard Falls Photo of Bedard Falls

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Photography tips

If you can find a hole in the trees to shoot though, the most visible portions of the falls are best shot within a range of 250-300mm. The falls face east and will be heavily affected by afternoon haze as the sun will go behind the ridge right behind the falls. Also be aware of dust kicked up by the heavy logging traffic on the road when changing lenses.

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