We know waterfalls.

New Zealand is bursting with Waterfalls

Posted by bryanswan | October 22nd, 2016

We’ve been rather inactive here over the last six or so months, for any of several reasons (most of them good) that I won’t get into.  But now that the weather is turning for the season in our neck(s) of the woods, we’ve got more time to sit down and work on fleshing out the database a bit more again.  To get things moving again, we’ve got a pretty substantial update for you: our full data set for the entire country of New Zealand.  Turns out, New Zealand has a lot of waterfalls: we’ve recorded 2,217 so far, and still counting!  We’ve already spotted at least two dozen more that our initial data set didn’t pick up from our mapping efforts, so we’ll be adding more in the future, but for now this should keep curious eyes quite busy.

Up next, we’re returning to our effort to finish out the data for the United States.

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