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Introducing the new Map tool

Posted by bryanswan | January 11th, 2015

Probably the most glaring issue with our website has been the ability to easily browse the contents of the database to find any given waterfall.  For years we had been meaning to address the issue but simply never got a chance to for whatever reason (and many of them not very good at that).  Well we’ve finally been able to do something about it, and today marks the launch of our new Mapping tool.


With this new system you will be able to browse the entire contents of our database in a Google Maps window.  To start, this is limited only to browsing by any given country – and in certain cases States or Provinces within that country (currently this only applies to the United States, Canada, and Australia, but will expand in the future).  In the future we plan on adding the ability to display search results and Top 100 lists on the map, and expand on the flexibility of the system further.

Check it out for yourself – click here (or the image above) to launch the Map.

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  1. Gregory Arnold Says:

    We love visiting waterfalls. I just found this website. We plan a visit to Tennessee next month and this is the best website I have ever found. I love the way it works with google earth. Keep up the good work. This is better than sliced bread

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